Why is NAPLAN preparation key to success?

The National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests the key skills each child needs in order to progress through school. It also helps education bodies establish benchmarks for learning. 

From 2022 all students will take the NAPLAN tests online. This means students will complete the NAPLAN tests on a computer or on a tablet.

When schools conducted NAPLAN paper tests, all students in each year level sit exactly the same tests. With the NAPLAN Online Tests, this won’t be the case. New changes mean every student will take a tailor-made test based on their ability.


Why is the NAPLAN Important?

The NAPLAN test is for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. It is sat in May each school year. Preparing for the NAPLAN test is important as it allows your child to build confidence in the test format, which reduces test anxiety.

NAPLAN results can be used to identify ways to better the school system, track school performance, and help form solutions to improve education for students and schools nationally.

girl preparing for NAPLAN with Excel Test Zone


How Do I Prepare My Child?

The NAPLAN* Online-style Test Packs provide hundreds of questions for your child to practise, with immediate results. Answers with detailed explanations are provided to support your child's learning.

The Online Test Packs not only allow students to practise under timed exam conditions but they will also receive year-round practice in the key topics’ literacy and numeracy.

Literacy tests help students to grow an understanding of particular grammar rules ensuring your child can successfully put a sentence together. Using grammar improves your child’s ability to communicate by improving their speaking and listening skills.

Numeracy is essential for your child to develop reasoning strategies and logical thinking. Numeracy tests help your child to develop a greater understanding of numbers, time, shapes, and patterns.

Building these skills not only helps reduce your child’s anxiety towards NAPLAN but is also beneficial for academic success.

Get a NAPLAN* Online-style Test Pack and start preparing today!


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