Three ways to overcome NAPLAN test anxiety

Are the NAPLAN tests coming up? Now is the perfect time for parents to help their children ahead of the tests. We recommend online practice not only to gain confidence but also to learn ways of overcoming NAPLAN test anxiety. 

What is test anxiety? 

A lot of students feel nervous or experience anxiety when a test is due. This is a common and natural response. Keep in mind that experiencing a moderate level of stress or anxiety is not detrimental to test performance, as it can help you be physically and psychologically alert in a test environment. 


Here are three tips to help your child cope with exam anxiety leading up to the NAPLAN tests:


1. Try your best

It's important for your child to remain optimistic and focus on their academic goals. Ensure your child knows their test timetable, takes a deep breath and tries their best!


2. Be prepared

Incorporating extra learning opportunities will allow your child to feel fully prepared and ready for the real test!

Our NAPLAN* Online–style Test Packs are the perfect way for children to gain confidence and make test preparation fun and engaging. They can also help ease stress and anxiety associated with the tests.


3. Take care of yourself

Studying for tests can put stress on our bodies. It is important for your child to have a good night's rest, stay hydrated and fuel up on a healthy breakfast before the day of the test.

Research shows students who eat breakfast and stay hydrated perform better in tests and display improved concentration and memory.


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