Benefits of online practice tests for students

Online Practice Tests play an important role in your child's education and should be incorporated as a regular exercise in their weekly study routine to ensure they stay on top of their studies and get ahead in the new school year. There are many benefits of online practice. Let's look at a few below.


Convenient Educational Resource - Available Anywhere, Any Time

There is a growing opportunity for technology to be implemented in students' study routines at home and in the classroom. Online assessment tools, such as Online Practice Test Packs from Excel Test Zone, help children understand important online modules and tools to prepare them for future online tests.

Our Online Practice Test Packs are a convenient way to track your child's performance and assess their position against the national average. As long as there is a stable internet connection, your child can practise independently anywhere, at any time.

The Test Packs also provide an easy-to-use dashboard with individual and personal accounts, to make it easier for families to stay organised and track test reports for each child.

Children have their own personal log-in details, which brings them straight to the Test Centre. In the Test Centre, children are able to select a test within a subject and practise independently. 








Saves Time With Instant Results

One of the largest advantages of Online Practice Tests is the ability to receive test results in an instant. Excel Test Zone tracks your child’s journey across all the subjects that are included in students Test Packs, with the results available in the parent's dashboard. 

Parents can access detailed reports underneath for each subject. The Reports include important information such as:

  • the time it took to complete the test

  • the average mark

  • where they rank across the national average

  • tracked test results displayed in a monthly graph.

test pack graph








The attempt report breaks down the correct, incorrect and unanswered questions, and supplies detailed solutions and tips for the student to learn and understand the question completely. Learning where they went wrong is key to improving and achieving higher results the next time they practise.


Engaging & Convenient for Students

Students nowadays are very tech-savvy with children owning approximately three digital devices on average. Online practice examination platforms such as Excel Test Zone gives students a virtual practice centre and an engaging online exam experience.

Excel Test Zone provides a wide variety of questions and includes features such as a digital timer, a calculator, a protractor and a hints button. It also allows students to concentrate, prepare and focus on topics they need to improve on.


Get Started!

To stay up to date with trends and evolving technology, Online Practice Tests have been developed to ensure students build confidence and reduce stress while improving results and increasing motivation to practise. Excel Test Zone is the leading Online Test Practice site for students in years 3 to 9. All tests have been designed by a team of educators with extensive experience in publishing quality educational resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Your child can get a free snapshot of our online test environment with our FREE 7-DAY TRIAL. Or purchase a 365-day access Test Pack and start preparing for general tests throughout the schooling year or for NAPLAN, Opportunity Class Tests, or Selective School and Scholarship Tests.


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Our free trials are specially designed Australian Curriculum diagnostic tests. There are separate tests on subjects in English including Reading, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation, Writing and Mathematics in topics like Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry and Statistics & Probability.


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