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Excel Test Zone helps students become more confident, perform better at school and achieve higher scores across a range of tests. Our engaging Test Packs have over 100 tests and 1000 questions and have been developed to practice for NAPLAN, Opportunity Class, Selective School or Scholarship Tests. They also provide parents and teachers with great revision resources for students throughout the year!

Excel Test Zone builds your child’s confidence and reduces stress! We strive to improve your child’s results and increase their motivation to practice. The Online Practice Tests within our Test Packs have a great range of handy tips and features to make it easy for your child to practice independently. Let’s unpack what they are:

Hint Button

A hint button is available, as studies have shown that students who ask for help make faster progress. Instead of guessing the answer to a challenging question, students take a moment to fully understand what is required, which leads to higher results.

TimerTimed and untimed modes are available for all practice tests. The timed feature helps students mark exactly where they ran out of time, allowing them to calculate the minutes they spent per question or the topic that needs the most practice. This helps them improve their time in the real test. Learning to work in a real test environment reduces anxiety. 

Flag ButtonThe flag button allows students to mark the questions they need further help with. This gives an in-depth understanding of what subjects or types of questions require the most practice, which will in turn improve their results.


A digital calculator tool is available in Calculator Allowed Online Practice Tests (Year 7 and Year 9) as it will be in the actual NAPLAN Online test so students can experience as close as possible to the actual test environment. Questions in these papers are more complex and will therefore require the assistance of an online calculator.


A virtual protractor is available for certain Online Practice Tests as a convenient and practical way for students to measure the angles onscreen in a mathematical practice question. 

Online instruments such as protractors or rulers will be available to students in the actual NAPLAN Online test so we also provide these so students can gain valuable practice in using them. This will help them be better prepared for the online test.

image-pngAudio recordings of questions are available for all NAPLAN*-style Numeracy Online Practice Tests, to help students understand the question. The audio recordings allow students to have the questions read out to them in order to support a range of literacy levels.


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