Why is mathematical reasoning Important?

Mathematical reasoning helps students improve critical thinking and logical reasoning. A lack of mathematical reasoning skills will show in your child’s mathematics performance and may reflect in future subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, or Economics.

Strengthening mathematical reasoning skills through our Year 4 Opportunity Class Placement-style Test Pack or Year 6 Selective Schools & Scholarship Test Pack can help your child achieve better test results.


What are the two main types of reasoning in Math?

Inductive and deductive reasoning are two essential kinds of reasoning. We depend on these two forms of reasoning for Mathematical theorems and proofs. What is a theorem you ask? It is a statement that has been proved or can be proved!

Year 4 Mathematical Reasoning Test

Inductive reasoning

Inductive reasoning is based on a set of observations. Questions using inductive reasoning measures abilities that are important in problem-solving. Types of inductive reasoning include probability, statistical generalisation, analogy, and probability.

Testing inductive reasoning measures your child’s ability to work flexibly with unfamiliar information and find solutions. Students who perform well on tests with inductive reasoning have a greater capacity to think analytically and conceptually.


Deductive reasoning

Deductive reasoning is based on facts and is a type of deduction used in science and in everyday life. It is the process of drawing a conclusion from a fact; that is, from something we know is true.

Deductive reasoning is a highly useful, transferable skill. Deductive reasoning tests are important as they measure how logically and methodically your child thinks. 


Start preparing today!

Providing your child with additional mathematical reasoning practice throughout the schooling year can lead to a successful academic future for your child. Online practice can help your child achieve higher grades in mathematics and increase the ability to solve complex problems independently.

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