Why kids thrive during at-home learning

Have you ever wondered why kids thrive during at-home learning? The top three reasons are:

  • Self-paced learning is effective.
  • Online tools are engaging for schools.
  • Gives time to set individual goals.

Self-paced learning is effective

Children can sometimes get distracted in face-to-face school classes, which can result in students not focusing when test prepping during the school year. Since remote learning during the pandemic, the implementation of at-home revision and online test preparation became the new norm for students. It also led to us understanding the benefits of self-pacing.

Self-pacing means ‘designed to permit learning at the student’s own pace’. This can improve memory performance as it allows students to spend time focusing on specific subjects and test questions that need improvement or understanding.

Online tools are engaging for students

When students use online learning tools such as Excel Test Zone’s online practice tests, it not only boosts their skills in using digital tools but also boosts their engagement.

If students don’t feel comfortable using this kind of tool, they may not be confident when taking online tests such as NAPLAN Online.

Gives time to set individual goals

Ownership is a large part of success. When doing online test practice, help your child examine their previous scores and set goals that they agree to reach.

It can help to break things down into categories such as subjects or question types. If your child sees that only one or two questions are answered correctly, they should consider prioritising this category and setting tangible goals such as a written reflection or the line graph in our Test Pack dashboards.

Remember that the saying ‘I’ll do better next time’ can’t be achieved without defining what ‘better’ means to your child. Finally, when it comes to preparing your child for tests, there is no magic bullet—but when parents and teachers provide reassurance it goes a long way!

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