The importance of revision for students

What is the importance of revision?

To help tackle school exams, students should work on improving their revision habits. But what is revision and what is the importance of revision? According to the Collins English Dictionary, revision means ‘the process of rereading a subject or notes on it, especially in preparation for an examination’. So if your children are feeling unprepared, they need to start revising!

Revision helps students in two ways. Firstly it helps them retain essential information like facts, formulas and figures. Trying to retain information from the previous term can be hard, especially if they have not practiced. Secondly, it can increase students' confidence and reduce their anxiety, helping them feel prepared for an upcoming examination.


So how should my child revise?

1. Make the perfect study space

Start by creating a calm, quiet and relaxing environment for your child to study in. If they feel comfortable and have no distractions, they should be able to effectively revise their homework or test preparation resources.


2. Make a simple revision plan

It can be hard to convince your child to revise at the best of times. Planning how long and how often each revision session will be can help motivate your child. According to research, it has been found that shorter daily study sessions can be more effective than one long study session during the week. Try suggesting smaller, regular study sessions as this may bring more positive study outcomes.


3. Revise your best and worst subjects

It is common for students to focus on their best topics and forget about the ones they struggle with. Your child should revise the subjects and topics that make them feel anxious as the more they revise, the less confusing and difficult the topic becomes. If tackling the difficult areas seems too daunting, start with a subject your child can boost their confidence in.


How can we get help?

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